Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blog Assignment #5

An argument that I am going to be analyzing is the legalization of marijuana.  There are many arguments for and against the legalization of marijuana.    

Some people say it has good values and others argue that the pros don't out weigh the cons.

The voting will go on and on
and hopefully they will resolve it in the end.

Pot no doubt has its negative side effects, but there are also positive.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blog Assignment #4

Arguments based on facts and reason are also known as "Logos"

There are many examples throughout the text book and throughout our daily lives that back up this reasoning.

One example from the text book is that of Colin Powell.  He claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, but it was later proven that those facts were incorrect.  That caused him to lose credibility.  When you present something as fact, and it later is proved as fiction, people will obviously be less likely to believe you.

Another example of this is marriage.  People could argue that getting married is a waste of time because studies show that 50% of marriage will end in divorce.  That is a startling number, but it doesn't stop people from getting married.  Looking at all the trouble that goes along with the divorce, some would say that is is pointless to get married at all.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Assignment #3

The example given in the book that has to do with Ethos is that of a car.  The Nano, by Tata, is a small car that is said to be the peoples car.  The company will not advertise many of the features of the car that cause it to be so cheap.  Selling for only $2,500 you would expect it to have flaws.  There are things such as manual steering and manual windows.  Those things might not seem important on the surface, but as time goes on, you do not want to have to crank down your window every time you need to put it down.

The car is no doubt green friendly, which is very appealing to the environmental wackos in the world today.  They are appealing to those who are saying we need to try to eliminate our carbon footprint.  They must remember, however, that this car will not appeal to everyone. There are still people that want a bigger or faster car.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blog Assignment #2

On the first page of the reading, there is a suggestive picture, similar to the one on the right.  Seeing something like this brings about emotion.  The sexual appeal is one of the most powerful emotions that one can experience.  This picture sparks many thoughts in ones mind, and those thoughts will stick with you for a long time.  The people responsible for the advertisement are very knowledgeable. They know that a picture of an attractive model will spark emotions inside those who see the picture.  The name Calvin Klein will stick in the readers head when ever he/she seems something like this again.

The reason that this picture will keep the image in your head is because of the person chosen for the picture.  If there was an unattractive overweight male in the picture, the reader would not.

This is another example from the textbook.  It is referring to the duke lacrosse team, who had multiple members of the team accused of rape.  This case brought up much emotion throughout the country.  Seeing the image of the players sparks the emotion, and makes people want to read the magazine.  Giving an current event the front cover of the magazine will make people want to read it.  Putting something that the entire country was not aware of would not have had the same impact as this cover.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Hello World,

My name is Daniel Cockerill and I am a Freshman here at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.  I was born in Cleveland, Ohio and later moved to Hawaii, and have finally settled in Virginia Beach with my family.  I have two brothers, who are twins, and both a mother and father.  I am staying on campus for my Freshman year.  I thought it would be good to be away from home and make my own decisions.  I haven't declared a major yet, as it is just my Freshman year, but I am interested in History and Political Science.  I am considering going into law after my undergraduate education.  I have always been interested in what it would be like to be a police officer, and that is something that I would live to get more information on.    I also work while living on campus.  I deliver pizza for Dominos, which is located down Hampton Boulevard just a couple miles down from the Constant Center.  It is great because I can work minimal hours, and stil make a good amount of money.  I have ran into a couple co-workers around campus at Old Dominion.

I am using this blog to track my progress over the year, and hopefully become a better writer in the process.  It is important in al things to track your progress, because you will forget about it think nothing of it when you are finished with your transformation.