Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blog Assignment #2

On the first page of the reading, there is a suggestive picture, similar to the one on the right.  Seeing something like this brings about emotion.  The sexual appeal is one of the most powerful emotions that one can experience.  This picture sparks many thoughts in ones mind, and those thoughts will stick with you for a long time.  The people responsible for the advertisement are very knowledgeable. They know that a picture of an attractive model will spark emotions inside those who see the picture.  The name Calvin Klein will stick in the readers head when ever he/she seems something like this again.

The reason that this picture will keep the image in your head is because of the person chosen for the picture.  If there was an unattractive overweight male in the picture, the reader would not.

This is another example from the textbook.  It is referring to the duke lacrosse team, who had multiple members of the team accused of rape.  This case brought up much emotion throughout the country.  Seeing the image of the players sparks the emotion, and makes people want to read the magazine.  Giving an current event the front cover of the magazine will make people want to read it.  Putting something that the entire country was not aware of would not have had the same impact as this cover.

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