Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Assignment #3

The example given in the book that has to do with Ethos is that of a car.  The Nano, by Tata, is a small car that is said to be the peoples car.  The company will not advertise many of the features of the car that cause it to be so cheap.  Selling for only $2,500 you would expect it to have flaws.  There are things such as manual steering and manual windows.  Those things might not seem important on the surface, but as time goes on, you do not want to have to crank down your window every time you need to put it down.

The car is no doubt green friendly, which is very appealing to the environmental wackos in the world today.  They are appealing to those who are saying we need to try to eliminate our carbon footprint.  They must remember, however, that this car will not appeal to everyone. There are still people that want a bigger or faster car.

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