Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blog Assignment #4

Arguments based on facts and reason are also known as "Logos"

There are many examples throughout the text book and throughout our daily lives that back up this reasoning.

One example from the text book is that of Colin Powell.  He claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, but it was later proven that those facts were incorrect.  That caused him to lose credibility.  When you present something as fact, and it later is proved as fiction, people will obviously be less likely to believe you.

Another example of this is marriage.  People could argue that getting married is a waste of time because studies show that 50% of marriage will end in divorce.  That is a startling number, but it doesn't stop people from getting married.  Looking at all the trouble that goes along with the divorce, some would say that is is pointless to get married at all.


  1. interesting post mate


  2. Once a liar always one. Nice post

  3. It's actually more like 70 percent, and any man to get married would be dumb. Read my post about testosterone decline, go to the link entitled misandry bubble. You will see why it's a waste.


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