Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blog Assignment #10

1) What is the problem addressed in your proposal?

-The problem addressed in my proposal is that of the way that the postseason is done in college football. The current system is based on computer votes, votes of people, and overall performance on the field. It only lets two teams play for the National Championship, when there could be 4 or 5 teams that are qualified to win the championship.

2) What is the solution offered? Write your solution in the form of a claim.

-College football should adapt a playoff system to determine the national champion because it would bring more excitement to the games, we would get a more clear winner, and it would be good exposure for teams that are not as well known as others.

3) What reasons are you going to give to support your claim? For now, write at least a few possible reasons. More reasons may become apparent, as you research your topic.

I will give support by showing polls of sports writers and other that disagree with the BCS system, as well as looking at examples of when mid-major teams that played in other BVS games, not the championship game, and defeated major college programs. They were undefeated through the whole year, and were still not able to play for the championship.

4) Make a list of readers' likely objections to the solution you offer. Then revise your solution in a way to make it workable for your audience.

-A reason people argue against a playoff system is because of money. Having 30 bowl games brings in so much money to college football, the tv networks, and the companies sponsoring the games, that it would be hard to stop playing these games, which would in effect stop the supply of money. They would have to consider the fans and the players of the teams that are undefeated, but not able to play in the championship. There is a compromise that they can make, and that will be discussed in the paper.

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