Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blog Assignment #8

Source 1: http://lesbianlife.about.com/cs/wedding/a/lgmarriage.htm
This site is useful for finding basic information about gay rights. It does not go into great detail, but it does give the basics. It starts by telling a story of a lesbian couple who got married and did everything like a normal couple would do for the wedding. The point behind the story was to show that all people should have the right to do so.

Source 2: http://www.gotquestions.org/gay-marriage.html

This site talks about the Biblical definition of marriage as being the union of a man and a woman. I will use this as my definition of marriage for the paper. Due to the fact that our country was founded on Christian principles, I believe we should do as the bible says in the instance.

Source 3: http://www.bidstrup.com/marriage.htm

I will use this article to find facts for gay marriage. It also has defenses against banning gay marriage.

Source 4:
This is a great source for answering questions about the biblical perspective on gay marriage. It will help me develop my claim that homosexual’s should not be allowed to be married,

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