Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blog Assignment #9

Possible topics for my proposal paper:

Changing the speed limit on shore drive from 35 back to 45. The speed limit was recently changed from 45 down to 35 mph and it very irritating and many people are upset about it. They believe that having it at 35 is no different when it comes to the safety of the people than when it was 45. The reason it was changed is because there are so many drunk people driving on shore drive at night, and they think slowing the speed limit down will reduce the chance they get into an accident. There are numerous newspaper articles regarding this topic.

Another possible topic would be removing the zoning laws in public schools. I think that public school kids should have the choice on where to go to school. I am interested in this because of many reasons, but mostly because I saw my best friend, who was very smart, be forced to go to a bad public school where he had a bad experience with the people there. I can use online articles to help me with researech

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