Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blog Assignment #11

1) Make a new post to your blog, entitled as: Blog Post #11: Annotating Sources for the Proposal draft
2) Based on the library assignment that you completed in class on Thursday, March 31, determine at least 3-4 credible sources to develop your proposal topic. You can also consider interviews or a mini-survey as your sources. Cite these sources in the MLA format, and list the citations in the alphabetical order in your post.
3) Review and paraphrase/summarize the relevant parts of each source, including relevant quotations (in other words, annotate your sources). Copy and paste your annotations under the citation for each source.
4) Then, write at least a 500-word preliminary draft of your proposal, including your claim and the reasons that support your claim-- especially based on your research. Include a copy of this draft at the end of your post.

Bring a printed copy of this pre-writing to the class on Tuesday, April 5.

1. http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/entry/6682994/6683032
-This is a blog post by a writer for CBS Sports that explains reasons why the NCAA should have a playoff system instead of the traditional way of the BCS.
The article focuses on the proposed U.S. legislation seeking the revision of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) format, and discusses the strengths and weaknesses inherent in three bills introduced in the House. It discusses the need for a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) college football playoff system as well as the feasibility of implementing the requirements of bills and its effect on the NCAA Division I FBS member schools.

-This is an article on the procedings of the court case and that happened regarding the BCS and college football.
3. Should College Football Abandon the BCS?
This is a article explaining why college football should abandon the BCS and implement a playoff system.
The article presents the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) as the biggest problem of college football. It points out that the main goal of the BCS is to maximize revenues for its members as it determines the participants in its national championship game through pools and computer algorithms. It calls for a fair playoff system where the BCS should set up a playoff that is open to all team and where thecollege football champion is determined on the field of play.

4. The players agree: Bring on the playoff.
The article presents comments of college football players on the expected change in the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). When asked whether it was time to change the schedule of the BCS, Harrison Smith of Notre Dame University considers that the playoffs should be brought on, as it would create interest in the end of the season. About the possible of a playoff in academics, Greg Jones of Michigan State University considers that it depend on the students. They also discuss a possible winner.

-This is an article that has players opinions on the BCS and what they should do with it.

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There is an ongoing debate in the college football words, weather or not to continue with the Bowl Championship Series, or adapt a playoff system to determine the Division I national champion. The current system seems to have many flaws, and a playoff would be the better option, but the NCAA still goes with the BCS method of picking a champion. The NCAA should adapt a playoff system for Division I college football because it would extend the season. All football fans want to watch as many games as possible, and it would be very exciting. Another reason is that it gives the underdogs, or the mid-major team that had zero or one loss on the season a chance to play for the National Championship, rather than making them plays in a less important BCS game.
The BCS is a system in which a combination of computers and pollsters that vote to determine the ranking each week. It takes many different factors into account, but they never seem to satisfy the fans. The way to solve this problem would be to have a 12 team playoff at the end of the season, as well as continuing to have the non BCS Bowl games throughout December, to give the other teams a chance to play on national TV
A very recent example of why a playoff is the better way to go rather than having computers pick the best team, is the NCAA College Basketball tournament. There were many examples of teams in the tournament that were ranked very low, almost to the point of not making the tournament, yet they still found a may to make it to the Final Four. VCU for example, was scrutinized my name analysts saying that they should not have been given the chance to play in the tournament, but they made it and played their way to the Final Four. If it were up to computers to decide is VCU should have been in the tournament, they most likely wouldn’t have made it. Without giving the team a chance to play it out to determine a champion, a deserving team could get overlooked.
There have also been examples in college football of very good teams having a great record, but not being given the chance to play for the national championship game. Taking the 2010-2011 season for example, there was no clear-cut dominant team in college football last year. There were about 8 or 9 very good teams, but every one seemed to have their own flaw. The National Championship game was played, but it was unsure if the two best teams were actually in the game. Both teams were undefeated, but there were many other teams ranked just below them that were not even given a chance to play against them. If a playoff system were to be implemented, it would help determine a true champion, rather than using a computer to do that.

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